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Get the kids to learn how to play chess with a colourful, fun and easy-to-play game that legendary Grandmaster Garry Kasparov has endorsed.
Take Cheddar the Mouse on a fun journey of discovery as he meets new friends and uncovers the mysteries of the wonderful game. On his travels, Cheddar has to solve exciting puzzles that help him learn the basics of chess.
The brave little mouse provides an ideal introduction to the basics of the game for younger children - even kids as young as five can enjoy playing with Cheddar. The little hero makes learning so much fun and so easy - every lesson is a colourful cartoon game that keeps the youngest players interest.
Over time, the little wanderer can improve his game and become a true Grandmaster, ready to play a game of chess with the King himself! And who knows - Cheddar could introduce chess to the next Kasparov!
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