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Supported On:Android Donut (1.6) - Nougat Marshmallow (7.0) or later
Game interface Language: English
Hamster Life is a management game where you have to take care of a hamster by feeding and stroking it; making it feel safe and cleaning its room.

As you take care and have fun with your Hamster, you will be getting coins and you will be able to purchase new items for keeping the hamster happy with its life. The controls are kind of hard to learn at first, it might be confusing but then its pretty clear.

However, were not very satisfied with the results, as the game is sometimes laggy and some options dont seem to work very well. The design is also not very defined, the app overall could be enhanced.

Cross Field Inc. is the developer of Hamster Life, a fun game for kids who love animals, but its just not really good overall, we hope they can improve the usability.
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