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Supported On:Android Froyo (2.2)+
Package ID: game.kbc.quiz
KBC is the quiz game for improving your general knowledge about Cricket game.
We have attempted to make a large database of questions so that you can practice this on your mobile and increase your knowledge about cricket.

You will have to give correct answer for each multiple choice question within 30 seconds. If you will give the right answer your next question will be unlocked.
There will be 3 levels of the application.
1) Level 1 : It is on question 4 assured 40,000 points will be won.
2) Level 2: It is on question 8 assured 6,40,000 points will be won.
3) Level 3: It is on question 15 assured 7,00,00,000 points will be won. (Final Question)
You will be given 4 different lifelines for each game to help you answer the question and they are:
1) Power Play : If the contestant uses this lifeline, randomly two of the "wrong" answers will be removed.
2) Free Hit : This lifeline allows the contestant to make two guesses (one extra) for one question.
3) Super Over : If you don\'t know the right answer, you can change the question by using this lifeline.
4) Commentrator Advice : Commentrator will give you their openion on the question.
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