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Thefilm opens within the mansion of Baba Chamatkar (Raghvendra Kadkol). Kubdya Khavis has secured the doll containing the soul of gangster Tatya Vinchu (shown in prequel Zapatlela) and orders Baba Chamatkar to revive Tatya Vinchu again. However, Baba refuses to commit the same mistake again. Infuriated, Kubdya tries to kill him using a trishul (a weapon which looks like a trident). However, Baba uses the same weapon to kill him. A drop of Kubdya\'s blood is accidentally transferred towards the doll, which resuscitates Tatya Vinchu. Tatya confronts Baba Chamatkar and forces him to tell how to migrate to a human form. Baba resists in the beginning and then falls unconscious. Tatya finds a book named \'Om Fat Swaha\' and discovers that, to migrate to a human form, the victim (Tatya) must make use of the Mrutyunjaya Mantra on the person to whom he has confessed his true name. But now that the person (Lakshya, portrayed by Laxmikant Berde in Zapatlela) is dead, the same mantra can be used on his son. Tatya vows to find Lakshya\'s son and migrate into his body.


Comedy , Horror


120 Min
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Ratings : 3.8 / 5 ,Total Rated: 31

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