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Someone please call the fireman, theres a terrible fire out here in the city! The commercial building is on fire & lots of people are trapped, can you help save the innocent lives from the deadly fires in this fun filled rescue game. Happy Baby Games brings Kids Fire Rescue Simulator, you have a very good opportunity to become an experienced fireman who can help all the people who are in danger. Play as heroic fireman and put out the blazing commercial building in this fun and exciting adventure. Kids Fire Rescue Simulator is an awesome rescue game that stars you. When a horrible fire engulfs the city, Youve got to move quick if you want to be a hero in this fire rescue simulator game. You are the only fireman and a big hero to all of the kids in the town. When the kids call for emergency help, you hop in your truck right away, ready to save the city from emergency. Drive your truck full of water through the streets. Play as a fireman hero who saves the lives of innocent peoples with water hoses, a truck and other tools. Put out the fire by splashing water on the flames and using other tools from the truck. With fireman hat and gear, youve got to climb through the heat, find every last fire and spray it with water. Work fast, use the tools at your disposal, and dont let the flames get out of control!

During rescue mission, one of the fireman got injured as he was trying to enter the burning room to save trapped peoples. The injured fireman needs your help & first aid! Some one please call 911, and give him an emergency treatment & first aid. And then take him to the hospital! The Ambulance doctor has noted down the injuries that he already has & has given him the first aid on his way to the hospital. This patient is suffering from forehead injury. To avoid any other damage, call the doctor & prepare for the forehead surgery now. On the other spot girls were trapped in the burning building & now you are their only hope. At first you need to break the room glass so that they can start rescue mission. Now you need to inflate the air cushion for them to escape. But wait! One of the girls fell on the ground & her foot has broken, she seriously needs your help. Please call 911 and ask some one to send an ambulance on an urgent basis. On the way to the hospital, the Ambulance doctor has noted down the injuries. She is suffering from the broken foot. To avoid any other damage call the doctor & prepare for the emergency foot surgery now.
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