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Supported On:Android Froyo (2.2)+
Package ID: com.amomoGame.DumbGirlEscape
New features:
A new plus unlimited tips, no longer limited to 3 suggests, allows you to play more fun!
2 new GameCenter feature, so you can showcase your achievements with others.
3. Modify graphics and level design. Smoother, more fun!
History of the most maddening game, princess becomes Cock wire, according to the game screen, we know that this is a very pit father puzzle game, the stroke of midnight, Cinderella revealing nature Cock wire game full of humor ...... , spoof and dirty, players need to use the mouse to click to trigger the plot, unlock all the mysteries and help Cinderella to complete the Cock wire counter-attack. The idea of the variety of gameplay, do not give up, challenge your imagination Oh!
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Ratings : 3.5 / 5 ,Total Rated: 78

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